About The Coalition for Powering Lafayette’s Electrical Future

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About the Coalition for Powering Lafayette’s Electrical Future

The Coalition for Powering Lafayette's Electrical Future was formed in the spring of 2013.  It is a collaborative study group, currently consisting of representatives of the League of Women Voters of Lafayette and of the Acadian Group of the Sierra Club.  We anticipate our coalition as being a long-term process to independently evaluate and influence public policy. Our hope is that other interested groups and individuals will affiliate with us as we research and present our study results and recommendations in a publicly accountable and open way. 

Our Purposes:

  • to become part of a public process to help make informed decisions about Lafayette’s electrical future 
  • to expand the public’s knowledge relative to the production and distribution of electrical power to Lafayette
  • to study diversifying the portfolio of sources of Lafayette’s electrical energy 
Support Positions To Date
  • Feb., 2013:  Establishment of an advisory group, initiated by the Lafayette Utilities System, which would become part of a public process to inform and assist in decisions about the Lafayette Utilities System’s electrical resources.
  • August, 2014: Increasing the Lafayette Utilities System’s staff capacity and funding within LUS to provide better access to residential energy audits and research on developing an energy efficiency and conservation pilot project
  • August, 2014: The Lafayette Public Utilities Authority, the governing body for the City of Lafayette’s utilities, and the Lafayette Utilities System  

-establish a public process for discussion of building or procuring new generation assets

- conduct a new integrated resource plan, based on updated technical, economic and regulatory information, and strong public engagement  
-provide additional funds in the budget for this public process, including facilitated public engagement for broad input for the decision-making for any new power plant and other decisions regarding our future energy resources

We extend to you an invitation to participate and to assist our efforts.
Please contact us at

Or, by postal mail at

  • c/o the League of Women Voters of Lafayette, P. O. Box 51622, Lafayette, LA 70505
  • c/o the Acadian  Group of the Sierra Club, P. O. Box 2218, Lafayette LA 70502